marketing strategy testimonials


We do not like to toot our own horn. We rather let others do it through what they say about us. In turn, it also speaks a lot about them.


“Ingeborg is an energetic, engaging individual with a rare combination of business acumen, customer-centric insights, and technology expertise. She was very helpful in assessing and advising my technology startup around our marketing plan, and provided excellent feedback and guidance to help refine our business strategy. I would highly recommend her as an advisor or marketing consultant.”

Erin Burchfield, CEO at NQuiry, Inc

New Perspectives

“Ingeborg approaches projects full of youthful energy and passion. Her deep knowledge and experience is coupled with a very creative nature that helps her see things from new perspectives and come up with great solutions.

She’s a marketing and sales executive who continues to learn and grow, always open to new ways of doing things and new ideas.”

Lee Johnson, Founder & CEO, Flight Office


“Ingeborg is a very nice and open person, honest, hard working, sympathetic, and most of all, she has the vision when doing business. When planning a project, she is one that I would really like to have in my team.”

Lucian Savluc, UX/UI lead with strong business and Marketing acumen

Getting it done

“Ingeborg has a directive approach and goal setting perspective in her work. It was a great pleasure to work together in achieving our goals. Her persistence and clear vision was always helpful in an ever-changing economic landscape. Her “get-it-done” attitude and concise guidance was instrumental in our success.”

Blas Bigotti, Sales Manager, Custom Manufacturing at Contor Terminals Inc.


“It was an absolute pleasure working for Ingeborg. She is an excellent leader and her management style is second to none. She communicates excitement, great enthusiasm and passion for all her work which is contagious and transfers to all who work with her”

Helen Keohane, Marketing Specialist – Future Shop Wireless at Best Buy Canada


“Ingeborg was a very inclusive, approachable and caring manager. She strived to create the ideal environment for her employees to work effectively. Ingeborg’s infectious laugh was a common sound around the office, and it was balanced well by her powerful work ethic. Her vision for change didn’t seem to end; nor did her enthusiasm and motivation to implement that change.”

Kevin Smith, Communications & Event Coordinator at Justice Education Society


“When you meet Ingeborg you are struck by her energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence. In addition to her marketing expertise, she has a great sense of design and the ability to clearly communicate her vision. She welcomed my creative freedom and provided valuable feedback on my work. Ingeborg was a joy to work with and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Cheryl Takahashi, Owner, Takahashi Design

Content Strategist

“Ingeborg is an accomplished marketing and content strategist who has a knack for effectively delivering on complicated projects. She not only excels at both online and offline marketing, but also understands content requirements and the technical aspects of content management. She’s a skilled collaborator and a decisive leader. It has been a pleasure to work with Ingeborg!”

Rogier Gruys, Tourism Product Development Specialist at Parks Canada


“I know Ingeborg to be an insightful energetic marketer with a focus on the development of relationships that will benefit the organization. She is a far – sighted business person with a clear focus on what should be accomplished and by when. I will jump at the opportunity to work with Ingeborg again.”

Bruce Nickson, Blog Manager at BCAMA

Social Media Conversion

“I had the opportunity to work with Ingeborg while I was the Chair of the Marketing Committee for Tourism Richmond. One of the areas where I feel Tourism Richmond really excels at is in the area of social media marketing, an area that I also am very passionate about, but have novice experience. In this regard Ingeborg really brought Tourism Richmond to another level significantly increasing both their following and conversion on Facebook and Twitter. I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Ingeborg but also found her very receptive to the ideas that both myself and the rest of the committee were able to bring forward.”

Jason Tse, Manager, Market Research and Air Service Development at Vancouver Airport Authority

Marketing Leader

Ingeborg is a strong leader in her field of marketing and tourism marketing. She has a strong understanding of modern marketing principles, how to apply them and rally people behind her vision.

Ingeborg knows when to delegate and when to step in to make corrections. She is a strong communicator, gets stuff done and produces results.

William Bakker, Public Speaker and Partner at Think! Social Media

Consumer Involvement

Ingeborg and I worked together on partnership and promotion for Tourism Richmond. I was so impressed with her – not only because she clearly understood and embraced the marketing needs that Richmond had, but also for her enthusiasm, which not only was an obvious part of her work for the destination, but spilled over into anything that had to do with growing business and consumer involvement in that business.

It is amazing to watch what happens when you combine enthusiasm with professional skills and talent, and that is what made working with her such a pleasure – and what makes recommending her so highly so very easy!

Jim Brody, General Manager, Destinations at Travelzoo

Out of the box

Ingeborg is a talented, detail oriented person. Who is always striving to improve herself and he knowledge in her field. She is an out of the box thinking and extremely creative. She is also very knowledgeable, ethousiastic and a strong leader.
I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her in anything she wants to accomplish.

Roland Monteiro, General Manager, Hospitality Operations at River Rock 

Online & Social Media

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Ingeborg at Tourism Richmond for most of 2011. She was a fantastic, hardworking, and driven boss with a solid vision for where the marketing of Tourism Richmond should head. The impact she has left on the company has been profound. Before she headed the marketing Department the company had little to no online social media presence and a dated, yet functional website. Upon her departure Tourism Richmond has been completely 100% online integrated as well as re-branded with a fresh and eye catching modern day website. Ingeborg also spearheaded the Tourism Richmond initiative to embrace an online blogger personality to promote the city and draw attention; to my knowledge the first of any tourism board anywhere to do so. This was a hugely successful campaign garnering tens of thousands of views worldwide, all directed at Richmond.
She is an intelligent and technologically savvy 21st century marketer with a constant smile on her face. Thanks for a great year!

Chris Stanley, Cinematographer 


Working with Ingeborg is a genuine pleasure. As a client her clarity in what she needs, openness to team input and consistency in feedback made developing her brand identity a real pleasure. As a partner in developing marketing strategies her insight into current principles and practices is incredibly valuable and adds depth to any marketing plan. She provides the perfect balance of professionalism and a personal touch.

Sarah Hancock, Experienced Head of Client Services & Production (online & print)


It is such a pleasure working with Ingeborg. She is passionate, focused, results-driven and yet very personable – a rare and increasingly critical combination for those working at the Vice President and Principal levels. Ingeborg has a remarkable ability to clearly communicate vision, and generate momentum to the project at hand. She brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, employing proven methods – as well as seeking out new and innovative strategies – to move a company forward. I would work with Ingeborg again in a heartbeat – and that wouldn’t be soon enough!

Jeanette Duquay, Owner JenTekk Web Solutions, website design/development specializing in Joomla! CMS


Marketing Strategy

Ingeborg was a true professional when we hired her to help our organization enhance its marketing strategy. She listened, sought to understand who we were and what our purpose was and then made very detailed and knowledgeable recommendations that we could implement. She was a joy to work with!

Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy, Director of Education & Community Awareness


“Ingeborg Carr is a rare, multi-talented marketer who can quickly envision and articulate a solid workable plan and do it with laser focus, a quick smile and endless energy to see the work through completion. Her willingness to meet her clients where they are at and collaboratively strategize to create the best possible solutions is a winning combination. Ingeborg’s drive for excellence shows in all that she does, every time.  I’ve been fortunate to experience her professional, result-driven focus and brilliance in action and I look forward to working on future projects with her again.”

Susan Boras, Corporate Leadership Coach, Trainer and Author

Big Picture

“Ingeborg Carr combines creative, big-picture thinking and an ability to get to the essence of the details, too. Her forward, strategic thinking informs the bigger needs of her organization, as well as those of her team. She has the ability challenge and support in the same sentence, helping the team to reach new heights of excellence without compromising the flow. She is friendly, funny, smart and an absolute pleasure to work with — not to mention an enthusiastic and professional marketer.”

Christopher Dallin, Red Rocket Creative Strategies


“Ingeborg proved to be a high-quality professional with excellent technical talents. She demonstrated repeatedly her extensive knowledge of marketing and business development in a demanding and constantly evolving business environment. Her integrity coupled with her broad knowledge base, extensive work experience and her drive to succeed convinces me that she will achieve any future endeavors she decides to undertake.”

Chris Winfield, President, Winfield Allen

Market Development

“Her skills in developing new markets and produce creative work in a fast-paced environment have proven to be invaluable to the growth of our company. Ingeborg has been instrumental in acquiring awards for the company. Her abilities to negotiate and solve problems have guided our business operations through several critical moments”

Brownie Dove, Branch Manager, HFI Inc.


Ingeborg is a creative, “think outside of the box” marketing professional, with a high level of business acumen and professional decorum. Her involvement in the creation of strategic documents for Octaform (business plan, gap analysis, etc.) was instrumental in determining the growth and future of the company. As well, Ingeborg’s work ethic was extremely strong. She led by example, and was a very strong, respected leader.

Teena Bogner, Director Operations , Octaform Systems Inc.