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    There are at least 5 reasons you should hire us. 

    1.  We are experienced

    For over two decades, we have been assisting organizations like yours with visionary thinking, results-driven strategies, marketing optimization and planning as well as establishing the infrastructure for growth.

    Vector’s team consists of veteran executives with specializations ranging from international market strategies, sales, traditional and digital marketing as well as brand.

    Part of our extended team is a world class brand & campaign design team that has received many awards. We allocate the expertise you need, when you need it.

    2.  We reduce your overhead

    No salaries, benefits, holidays, sick days or bonuses. We provide the exact skill set you need for the project for a specific amount of time which can be adjusted over time. You only pay for work your business requires.

    3.  We provide value

    We provide tangible value by supporting you in your quest to constantly grow market share and become a market leader. As business needs change and markets fluctuate, we remain by your side and customize the services we provide to your needs.

    4.  We listen

    We strive to build long-term relationships by listening to your needs. The objective and independent perspective Vector offers allows you to obtain an impartial assessment of your organization. With Vector as your confidential sounding board we can refine ideas and determine the right action together.

    5.  We get you there

    Whether you need to reduce overhead, initiate new opportunities or increase revenue stream – Vector brings decades of international experience to help you reach these objectives. Our results focused approach cuts through the noise and delivers what you need. You can count on it.

  • Team

    Ingeborg-Carr-Sharpened-11-262x300Ingeborg Carr, Chief Marketing Strategist

    Ingeborg Carr leads the marketing strategy formulation for Vector’s clients. She is an innovative and results-driven market strategist with over 20 years of international experience. Her background covers several industries and companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. She brings to our clients a wealth of executive level strategic planning expertise in scaling-up revenues, on/offline marketing, building equity and (inter)national expansion. Adding to her technical talents, she is a Certified Software Developer and has an MCSD in Web Design & Architectures.

    Her focus is on realizing the potential of an organization, increasing the revenue stream and building equity. This focus does not only involve strategic market planning for launch, international expansion, corporate growth and continued innovation but also includes translating strategies and link them to execution, increasing operational efficiencies and revenue optimization.  This may lead her into the development of dynamic structures, processes and defining decisions that need to be made around brand, product, market engagement, teams, growing market-share, sales integration and operations. Ingeborg also addresses potential issues standing in the way of increasing the revenue stream, such as positioning, team development, messaging and product design.

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    Polyak-Pic-opti-e1369432827113Terry Polyák, Account Executive – US Markets & Sales Strategist

    Terry Polyák is the Account Executive, US markets, for Vector. Mr. Polyák is a veteran entrepreneur and has worked with start-ups to obtain investment funds from private lenders and banks. His experience spans various industries such as, IT, software, finance, renewable energy, advertising and tourism.

    Mr. Polyák’s senior management experience in the areas of sales & marketing, finance, joint ventures, product and excellent client management skills is of great support and guidance to Vector’s clients.



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    At Vector we believe in an integrated approach to increasing the revenue stream of your business; that’s why we offer a full range of services. Our consulting expertise lies in (inter)national strategy development, marketing,  branding and sales integration. We also provide website development, social media, SEO and SEM services.

    We are focused on B2C and B2B brands within the financial, construction, technology, software, green tech and travel industries with either a local, domestic or international reach.

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  • Marketing Plan

    strategy & execution

    Grow Your Business. 
    We tailor the strategy & execution roadmap to your needs. Yearly or per project-basis service options are available.

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  • Marketing Operations & Infrastructure

    Marketing Operations

    Boost Your Revenue Cycle.
    We built a custom marketing operational infrastructure optimizing efficiencies. Add service options as needed.

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  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Execution

    Marketing Activities Plan

    Focus On Sales.
    Let us create a unique marketing activities plan that is integrated within your sales process. Tailor our service to your needs.
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  • Marketing Audit & Marketing Optimization

    Marketing Optimization

    Get Results.
    You can customize our audit and marketing optimization services to your needs. Add our convenient yearly On-Call Service.

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